Multi-Functional Smith & Cable Crossover Free Weight Multi-Gym


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VIDEO: Please note that the video is to show what functions are possible with the Multi – Gym but do not necessary represent what is included with this machine. Weight plates and Olympic Bar are not included but can be purchased separately. The accessories are not necessary as in video, please see description on listing for what is included.


With this Robust Premium Multi Smith Power Multi-Gym, will not only strengthen all the muscle groups in the body, but also do so safely with the use of free weights.

The Multi Smith power frame’s 16-position adjustable screws on a strong steel frame which allows you to perform many kinds of special exercises.

Plenty of exercises can be done on this machine alone, but with the purchase of an adjustable bench, you can do even more exercises. With the help of the built-in Smith frame, important basic exercises such as squats and bench presses can be performed, for which, thanks to the design of the frame, the exercises can be performed safely without the presence of a training partner.

Removable footrest Pad (See Pictures Below) allows to perform Lat Pulldown and many more exercises by holding your body in position. There is also a Foot Pad at the bottom of the rack to be used for seated cable rows and many more exercises.

There is also a pull-up station with several grip positions on the upper connecting element of the force frame. Weights and bars Storage is included in the frame, so it is possible to store the accessories needed for training as practically as possible.


Exercise Chart

Adjustable Cable Crossover

Removable footrest Pad


Smith Machine With Safety Hooks

Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

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