Multi-Functional Flow Bag – Sidea



Flowbag is an innovative tool for functional training. The instability of the water forces the athlete to adjust and keep control of the weight and the body. Functional training is essential for better development of proprioception, reactivity, and general strength. The tool, equipped with different grips, allows you to perform traditional movements like squats, and ballistic movements like swing or snatch. The disruptive effect of the water increases coordination between hips and shoulders, and the overall stability of the body in the multiplanarity of movements.

Length 82 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Weight: Variable. Can be filled up to 30 kg
Liner Bag: Optional sandbag loadable up to 40 kg
Handles: 5
Structure: sturdy fabric and reinforced stitching.
Closure: Zipper closure + Velcro closure on the long opening. Zipper on the cap opening.

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