Hip Thrust Platform Bench – Sidea


Bench equipped with a platform for a practical execution of the Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust is an extraordinarily useful exercise for training the glute muscles, primarily when associated with squats, glute loops, and lunges. Besides, when performed on a free body workout with a barbell, it is useful in exercising hip extension, a weak spot for most users’ functional movements, including athletes.

However, it is an exercise that could prove uncomfortable since it involves a long preparation: barbell, weight plates, barbell padding, and -possibly- a hip band must be gathered near a flat bench, usually adapted to support the back.
HIP THRUST PLATFORM BENCH represents a comfortable and straightforward solution to organize a work station dedicated to the Hip Thrust free-body workout.

The technical precautions and measures adopted beforehand also facilitate the correct execution of the exercise. The fixed semi-cylindrical padding allows the user to position himself steadily at a certain height without incurring in the frequent mistake of executing the thrust push by leveraging the impulse deriving from throwing back the torso, arching the back, ascending excessively with the hip, and then also descending too much through the action of the ankles.

The platform allows the correct positioning of the feet for the best stability. It aids in concentrating on the pelvis’s retroversion and anteversion movements, on the short swing/motion, and the “squeeze,” without distractions deriving from the instability of the supports. The tool has six hooks for elastic bands, which can be used with and without a barbell. Plus, it comes with handle and rubber wheels for smoother handling and transport.

Dimensions: 890 x 1450 x h500 mm
Weight: kg 50